Graduate recruitment to small businesses – Making the Breakthrough

A number of recent headlines in the daily newspapers have highlighted that businesses do no think that graduates are ready for work. In the Telegraph, a couple of weeks ago, there was an article about the reluctance of smaller businesses to recruit graduates.

The day this article was published coincided with Leigh Sear, of SFEDI Solutions, co-facilitating a workshop with Tracy Scurry from Newcastle University Business School, on graduate recruitment to small businesses at the 2013 AGCAS Conference in Exeter. The workshop focused on how we can address some of the long-standing challenges in bringing SMEs and graduates together.

The workshop built upon the research undertaken by Leigh and Tracy for the UK government and concluded that there is a need to tell more positive stories around the value of graduates to learning and skills development in small businesses and encourage businesses to get involved in co-creating the educational experience so students have an opportunity to work with small businesses whilst in education.

The research report undertaken by Leigh and Tracy can be downloaded from (see For further information on the AGCAS workshop, please contact Leigh on