Why SFEDI Solutions?

As they say, we live in varied times for supporting enterprise and learning and skills in small businesses.  There are a number of proposed changes to support structures, a lack of clarity about what these changes mean in practice, a greater emphasis on ‘localisation’, de-centralisation, commercialisation of public services and self-help.  These changes are throwing up a range of questions and areas of ‘need to know’ including:

  • How do we find out about the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs in terms of the types of skills and learning they require
  • How do we encourage businesses to learn from each other?
  • How do we ensure that business owner-managers have the appropriate abilities and skills to mentor and support other businesses?
  • How do we support the development of staff in the organisation to provide high-quality services with less resource?
  • What are the learning and skills needs of managers and other professionals related to the commercialisation of public services?
  • How can we recognise the learning of new groupings of prospective owner-managers as part of re-training or redundancy programmes?

The track record of SFEDI and the expertise of the staff of SFEDI Solutions and its associates means that we can work with you to tackle these questions and develop a set of solutions for your organisation which complements your own team or project requirements.